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Vijetha academy

International Day of Older Persons is celebrated
on which date?

a)   October 01

b)   October 03

c)   October 04

d)   October 02

2.  World  Vegetarian  Day  is  observed  on  which

a)   October 03

b)  October 01

c)   October 04

d)   October 02

3.   Which   state   recently   launched   'Plants   for
Plastic' campaign?

a)   Bihar

b)   Odisha

c)   Assam

d)   Gujarat

4.  Where  was  warnings  issued  about  high  winds
and heavy rain due to Typhoon 'Mitag'?

a)   Taipei

b)   Tainan

c)   Chiyai City

d)   Taitung

5.11th edition of DefEXpo will be held in which

a)   Kanpur

b)   Agra

c)   Lucknow

d)   Varanasi


6.  Where  was  Ministry  of  New  and  Renewable
organized  the  Global  Student  Solar Assembly on
2nd October 2019?

a)   New Delhi

b)   Mumbai

c)   Bangalore

d)   Kolkata

7.    Second    Lead    Author    Meeting    of    the
Intergovernmental   Panel   on   Climate   Change
(IPCC)   Working   Group   III   Sixth   Assessment
Report was held in which city?

a)   Mumbai

b)  New Delhi

c)   Bangalore

d)   Kolkata

8.    Where   was    Indo-Thailand    Joint    Military
Exercise Maîtree – 2019 held?

a)   Nagaland

b)   Mizoram

c)   Meghalaya

d)   Sikkim

9.   Where   was   BRAHMOS   Supersonic   Cruise
Missile,     with     major     indigenous     systems,
successfully test-fired recently?

a)   Chandipur

b)   Gopalpur

c)   Talsari Beach

d)   Brahmapur

10.  Who  released  the  School  Education  Quality
Index (SEQI) recently?

a)   Ministry of Finance

b)   Planning Commission

c)   NITI Aayog

d)   Election Commission of India

11. Who has been appointed as the 26th Chief of
the Air Staff?

a)   Birender Singh Dhanoa

b)  RKS Bhadauria

c)   Anil Khosla

d)   Karambir Singh

12. Who has been appointed as the administrator
of   Punjab   and   Maharashtra   Cooperative   Bank
Limited by RBI?

a)   Jai Bhagwan Bhoria

b)   Jitendar Jai

c)   Anil Khosla

d)   Sunil Arora

13.10th  Asian  Age  Group  Championships  was
held in which city?

a)   Mumbai

b)   New Delhi

c)   Bangalore

d)   Kolkata

14. Sumit Nagal is related to which sports?

a)   Tennis

b)   Foot Ball

c)   Badminton

d)   Cricket

15.  Who  became  the  first  Indian  to  qualify  for
Women's Javelin Throw Final at World Athletics
Championships in Doha?

a)   Annu Rani

b)   Seema Punia

c)   Jinson Johnson

d)   Swapna Barman


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